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These movement workshops and regular online classes are designed to give you insight into how we can improve our quality of life with a movement practice. Each Pilates based movement session helps in calming the nervous system and in gradually bringing childlike qualities back into our bodies. Join us to help yourself stay mobile - feel more freedom in movement and help us to Feel Good! These classes, movement meetings and workshops are hosted via Zoom and are gentle. There is no pressure to try every exercise ... There is no right or wrong way, you just do what you can and join in what you want to. Everyone is welcome!   

Inspired by child’s play, Pilates, Somatics, animalistic behaviour and a deeper understanding of the human body these workshops and classes will be fun, relaxing and help improve the function of your whole body. During each session you will practice techniques and exercises to calm and tone your nervous system, Footwork to increase balance and reduce risk from falls and functional movement strengthen and keep you feeling young in mind and body.   

Each element of the work is designed to gently release tightness and unnecessary tension and work towards balancing, toning and strengthening your body.    We will often end each workshop with a deep relaxation. A mini retreat for your mind and body.

Anybody can join in regardless of fitness or experience. We collectively create a kind and caring (virtual) space from the comfort of your own home where everyone feels connected and truly welcome. I aim to guide exercises which are inclusive for all. The practice is gentle enough to accommodate people with injury. Please note: You must complete the Health Questionnaire and Waiver prior to joining a class. 

Prices and Payment

You may join in any of the classes above and will be sent links for all via text or email. Those that wish to join can sign up for links to access classes by contacting me. 

£20 per month gives you access to all classes online. 

Please Contact me for bank details and Zoom links.

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Online Participant Waiver

*** Please note, You must complete the online Health Questionnaire prior to being sent your class Zoom link. By completing the questionnaire you are acknowledging that you are choosing to do Pilates or Movement Workshops in your own space and you are assuming responsibility and liability for being aware of your surroundings and limitations as well as screen sharing with others who have the ability to see you. You absolve Movement Foundations (Emily Doe) of liability when using this service ***

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