Emily Doe


Workshop Leader

Emily has been teaching Pilates since 2010 and has gained a wealth of experience working alongside Osteopaths and other Pilates professionals at a premier Pilates studio in London. Emily is excited by natural movement and what works for an individual and is inspired by experimentation and playfulness. Emily is an eternal optimist and strives to inspire the people around her to feel good and enjoy moving their bodies! Anything that boosts and maintains her health and energy levels both mentally and physically are essential to her lifestyle as she has two small children at home. Through her previous work with Jeannie Di Bon at Create+ in Wimbledon, Emily has realised the potential for a gentle approach to teaching movement 'as a foundation' and how providing heightened awareness of breath in the body allows for movement without tension or pain. Emily is now Bristol based with her family and is excited to bring her workshops, classes and Private tuition to Bristol and the South West.

Emily newest venture Movement Foundations School Program is a Not-For-Profit organisation which provides Wellbeing Movement Workshops to Corporate Businesses and Schools.

Emily loves teaching Mindful Movement and Pilates to groups of people with learning and physical disabilities at Choices 4 U in Active Centres around Bristol and in  you can find her teaching Pilates at The Portland Therapy Centre in Staple Hill and at SBL Sports Centre in Oldland Common. You can book classes directly with the centres.

Emily is available for private or duet Pilates matwork at The Portland Therapy Centre. Please contact her directly to discuss.


"Emily is so inspirational and a lovely calm teacher...I am always so positive and energised after her class...Thank you Emily!" - Louise Gauntlett

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What I'm really excited about...

Check out my latest passion project - Movement Foundations School Program

Private Pilates


Pilates Teacher

Emily Doe is a fully certified STOTT PILATES Instructor for Matwork and CYQ Ante and Post Natal Fitness Instruction (course is REPS recognised at Level 3), she has also completed Levels 1 - 4 of the APPI Rehabilitation Pilates Equipment Training.  

Emily will assess your movement during your first session, enabling her to programme exercises specifically to suit you. You will work together to identify your specific goals and then appropriately work together towards achieving them the best you can. Emily has seen time and time again how people can improve their flexibility, control, strength and balance from practicing Pilates based exercises regularly and she creates a  safe space and the time to work on improving movement experiences and awareness of how to help prevent injury and enable you to lead a full active life. 


Qualifications and Professional Development

Emily holds a current Emergency First Aid and CPR Certifcate and Professional Indemnity Insurance through FitPro.  Emily continually develops her understanding of the Pilates method and deepens her knowledge of anatomy and release techniques through CPD (continued professional development) and training in Movement practices. 


What I Offer

Emily offers Personal Training and Small Group Work Pilates. Emily will guide you as best she can, whether you are a complete beginner, rehabilitating an injury or wanting to increase your strength, flexibility and fitness. Emily has practiced and taught Pilates through two pregnancies and can offer you safe and relevant Pregnancy and Postnatal exercise. All levels covered from beginner to advanced. Pilates is fun and with no impact on your joints, Emily is mindful in her approach and is confident in the method as a way to increase your strength and improve the efficiency of your movement.