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Welcome to Movement Foundations

These two hour movement workshops and 1 hour movement classes are designed to give you insight into how we can improve our quality of life with both breathing exercises and by bringing childlike movement patterns back into our bodies. Inspired by child’s play, Pilates, animalistic behaviour and other traditional mind body practices this workshop will help improve the function of your whole body. During each workshop you will practice techniques and exercises to calm and enrich your nervous system and strengthen functional movement to keep you feeling young in mind and body, moving with more freedom and feeling great! 

Each element of the work is designed to gently release tightness and tension and work towards balancing, toning and strengthening your body. we always end the session with a deep relaxation. A mini retreat for your mind and body!

Anybody can join in regardless of fitness or experience. I aim to create a kind and caring space where everyone feels truly welcome and provide exercises which are fully inclusive for all. The practice is gentle enough to accommodate people with injuries. 

Time for your Mind and Body


Reduce stress and calm your nervous system


Gently release tightness and tension


Balance, tone and strengthen your body 

Movement Foundations

The Workshops

Monthly workshops which offer breathing techniques and movement practice to strengthen your body. A chance for you to restore, relax and re-energise. Inspired by Pilates and Yoga. Come along to learn about how your body likes to move and practice gentle and effective exercises and relaxation techniques.

Everyone Can Benefit

The workshops are designed to deeply relax you as well as provide the foundations to healthy movement and posture. They are perfect for people getting back to movement after injury or pregnancy and suitable for complete beginners who have considered trying either Yoga or Pilates. A brilliant opportunity for those who don't feel able to commit to a regular class each week or as a valuable reconnect with your mind and body if you already exercise regularly. These workshops are educational and aim to teach increased body awareness and provide the benefit of moving with less tension and more ease. Come along for a chance to stretch and gently tone your body.

A Mini Retreat

Take time out for yourself and experience the value of one of these workshops. Feel the benefit of gentle movement and breathing techniques which release tightness and tension, enrich your nervous system and work towards supporting and enhancing functional daily activities and other exercise disciplines. Each session finishes with a deep relaxation. A mini retreat for your mind and body. In the winter months workshops will be candle lit providing an extra relaxing environment.

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I’d be happy to talk through any questions you may have an to discuss booking the next available workshop. I look forward to welcoming you and becoming a positive influence over your future health and wellbeing!

Movement Foundations

Workshops take place at different locations in and around Bristol.

Call 07737 250042 to discuss booking


Workshops run once per month on a Sunday evening. Check our Upcoming Events page for the next workshop dates

Please complete the Health Questionnaire and email it to  prior to attending your first workshop.