Emily Doe

Workshop Leader

Emily has been teaching Pilates since 2010 and has gained a wealth of experience working alongside Osteopaths and other Pilates professionals at a premier Pilates studio in London.  Emily is excited by movement and what works for an individual and is inspired by experimentation and playfulness. Anything that boosts and maintains her health and energy levels both mentally and physically are essential to her lifestyle as she has two small children at home! Through her work with Jeannie Di Bon at Create+ in Wimbledon, Emily has realised the potential for a gentle approach to teaching movement 'as a foundation' and how providing heightened awareness of breath in the body allows for movement without tension or pain.

Emily is also available for private or duet Pilates matwork in your home. Please visit Empower Pilates for more information. 


"Thanks Emily, feeling so relaxed!"

"Really enjoyed it, thanks loads"

"It was great, I came home feeling chilled and still feeling the benefits"

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